Technology infrastructure designed to grow your business.

PMG is a technology infrastructure company dedicated to advancing the interests and opportunities of the entire broadcast industry.

PMG will build and operate a national, high-speed content and data distribution system accessible to the entire country, connecting everyone, everywhere.

PMG provides the infrastructure that broadcasters rely on to power Next Gen TV content and data distribution, and facilitates new services and revenue models using the ATSC 3.0 Standard.



PMG will design, build, own, operate and finance Single Frequency Networks, Next Gen Data and Broadcast Centers, and renewable energy facilities in DMA’s across the country.

Public Media Group - Transmission and a Service

Transmission as a Service

PMG will operate our clients’ transmission facilities so that broadcasters can focus on content, audience engagement and new revenues

Public Media Group - Data Utilization

Data Utilization

By leveraging the power of Next Gen TV and our Single Frequency Networks, PMG will aggressively pursue partnerships and new revenue opportunities on behalf of our broadcast clients.


PMG Capital

Through the PMG Capital program, clients can acquire and invest in the latest equipment while better managing their balance sheets and cash flow. Our financing solutions help reduce upfront costs, preserve cash and accelerate ROI.

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News & Press

Public Media Group Launches to Grow Broadcasters’ Services and Revenue Streams

PMG is dedicated to building and operating a technology infrastructure system that powers broadcasters as the industry moves toward ATSC 3.0 and beyond.
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Public Media Group has Launched

As the industry moves towards ATSC 3.0 implementation, PMG will focus on building and operating a nationwide network of Next Gen TV, data centers, and software platforms that aid the broadcasting industry in engaging audiences, serving communities, and developing new content and data-driven business models.
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Startup Created To Build ATSC 3.0 SFNs

Public Media Group’s goal is to build those assets, including a nationwide network of SFNs along with the necessary supporting data centers and other infrastructure, and then lease access to stations looking to launch ATSC 3.0 services.
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"[PMG] offers broadcasters a path to Next Gen TV sans a massive capital investment."

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