“The industry is changing at break-neck speed as our clients face an increasingly competitive and shifting environment, from uncertainties around new broadcasting standards to rapidly evolving consumer viewing preferences. By partnering with us, commercial and public broadcasters will be uniquely positioned to compete for audience and new revenues in a rapidly shifting media environment, while maximizing the value of their spectrum.”

– Joe Chinnici
CEO, Public Media Group

Next Gen TV

The benefits and future revenue models associated with Next Gen TV are many, and PMG will help its partners build these future businesses for consumers, industry, educational institutions, and governmental agencies.

  • IP-compatibility and targeted and addressable content delivery. Improved audio and video quality so audiences can enjoy a better television experience free over-the-air.
  • New data-based services utilizing broadcast spectrum that support rural education; first responders; agricultural, automotive and other industries; as well as data and content delivery for technology and other companies.
Public Media Group - Resources Next Gen TV

SFN Signal Coverage

One of the most powerful benefits of the new broadcast standards is achieved through the deployment of Single Frequency Networks (SFN), a technology solution to broadcast the same channel from multiple tower sites within a market without causing interference.
  • SFN’s fill in and extend a signal’s reach and density to improve signal reception
  • City Grade, Suburban and rural audiences are reached with strong, reliable reception
  • Consistent signal strength over the entire coverage area; key for a mobile platform
PMG - Resources - SFN Single Frequency Network

ATSC 3.0 is an amazing technology

ATSC 3.0 – or Next Gen TV – is a flexible, extensible, IP-based standard that allows broadcasters to provide better audio and video, as well as new data-based services to better serve their communities and embrace the future of media technology.

Allows Higher Bit Rates in the Same RF Channel


Allows for Mobile, Portable, Handheld, and Indoor TV Reception


Is an Open Suite of Standards


Is all IP Based Which is Future Ready for Applications - 5G


Allows for New Standards of Resolution Such as 1080P HDR or 4K TV


Allows Custom Delivery of Commercials to the User –Targeted


Can Provide a Hierarchy of Data to Serve Both High and Low Resolution Needs (Bandwidth)

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