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PMG will design, build, own, operate and finance Single Frequency Networks on behalf of our commercial and public broadcasting partners in DMA’s across the country. PMG takes a market-neutral approach so that all broadcasters in all communities are able to take advantage of Next Gen TV.

In addition to our engineering expertise to properly design SFN’s, Next Gen Broadcast and Data Centers, and Renewable Power facilities, PMG is fully capitalized to build and operate this infrastructure, which means broadcasters can focus on content, audience and revenues, not on managing infrastructure.

Public Media Group - Transmission and a Service

Transmission as a Service

In addition to providing infrastructure solutions, PMG can support broadcasters’ technology needs as part of a service model. By providing Transmission as a Service, PMG will operate clients’ transmission facilities so that broadcasters can focus on content, audience engagement and new revenues.

Benefits of this service include:

  • Ready access to highly qualified engineers and technical support;
  • Consistent, reliable system monitoring;
  • Hassle-free equipment maintenance; and
  • Regular equipment upgrades without capital investment.
All for a predictable, monthly cost, from a trusted partner with capital access, engineering expertise, and site operations experience.
Public Media Group - Data Utilization

Data Utilization

PMG is aggressively pursuing partnerships and revenue opportunities on behalf of our broadcast partners to leverage the power of Next Gen TV and our SFN infrastructure. With an SFN network that will cover our country’s urban centers, mid-sized markets, and large swaths of rural America, PMG will develop new data distribution revenue opportunities that range from technology and automotive applications, agricultural and other rural services, emergency alerting, and distance education and workforce training. PMG will never require that its broadcast partners allocate their spectrum to this effort, but we will work tirelessly to develop new revenue opportunities for all broadcasters interested in participating.

PMG Capital

PMG provides commercial and public broadcasters with attractive financing and leasing options for their hardware and software needs. In order to help broadcasters with their transition to ATSC 3.0, and for all of their other equipment and software needs, PMG has negotiated preferred pricing and has low cost-of-capital options to help our clients manage their capex and accelerate their ROI.

PMG Capital can simplify the budgeting process, accommodate virtually any repayment structure, and help build long-term financial stability. PMG Capital makes the process easy with straightforward documentation and flexible terms.

Contact financialservices@publicmediagroup.com for assistance in finding the financial solution that best fits your needs.

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