Stacey Decker - Chief Technology Officer

Stacey Decker


As the CTO of Public Media Group (PMG), Stacey is responsible for managing and developing new technology that will advance the U.S. broadcast industry in taking advantage of Next Gen TV.

Prior to joining PMG, Decker was the CTO at WGBH in Boston. He joined the organization in 2013, overseeing WGBH’s technology and production groups including media and information technology, engineering, digital distribution, studio facilities production and post-production, and infrastructure services. Decker’s vision for applying technology to achieve strategic goals has led to new partnerships, including a collaboration between WGBH and Sony to create Public Media Management, the first cloud-based content management system for public media.

Before joining WGBH in 2013, Decker served as Assistant General Manager for Technology at Nebraska Educational Telecommunications in Lincoln, overseeing a statewide network of TV and radio transmitters and managing information technology, software and web development, network operations and distribution, and production support. Prior to that, Decker spent seven years at South Dakota Public Broadcasting as the Chief Engineer. He began his career in technology as an electronics technician with the United States Coast Guard.

Decker has also served on the PBS Engineering Technical Advisory Committee, providing input on system-wide technology planning and policy. Stacey has over 24 years of experience in television and radio broadcasting.